Application Review – Virtoo: Smartphone on PC or Laptop

There are many times when we wish for a feature which could enable us to use our smartphone on the laptop. The sole purpose of the same may be the increased accessibility and a fewer distraction. Moreover,

Application Review: Camera Role – Gallery

Most of us have thousands of photos on our phone and it can be a little difficult to manage all these photos without a proper gallery. Some of the phones like Apple have an advanced gallery which

Google Translate App Review

Imagine this for a moment – you are stuck in a foreign land and you need to reach a location. The busses, trams and local trains have the information in local language. You have no clue about

Vault App – Hide Pictures & Videos, Cloud Backup

Smartphones are much more than a means of communication these days. They are devices where we keep our important photos and videos too. Although this offers a great level of convenience, it also comes with threat to

Malwarebytes: A complete Review

Most of us have some or the other toolbar installed on our computer which is totally unwanted. The problem with toolbars is that they compromise the security of our system and at the same time they slow