Chroma Camera

Now have a convenient way to change the background of videos and photos. Stop spending times infront of editing applications for changing the background of photo or video. There would be enough applications dealing with photo and


Have you ever seen or wondered how the tutorial videos regarding smartphones are been made. Almost of us might have often seen tutorials of mobile screen recordings in Facebook and YouTube or somewhere else. And definitely we

Modi keynote

Modi’s speech can be heard if 2000 rs note is scanned with mobile app. Banglore: the deactivation of old notes and launching of new 500 and 2000 notes have been caused for heavy dispute. By overcoming all

May- photo fantasy editor

Everyone loves to look pretty. Who is there doesn’t cares on beauty. We all love to become handsome and beautiful, it’s just for self satisfaction and to attract others. That’s why people are ready to spend a


On this modern world why shall we depend on mobile retailers when the technology has contributed us the app ‘PAYTM’. This app saves your time and money. As we know that, the app ‘PAYTM’ is India’s largest