Invisible Chat for WhatsApp: Chat in Incognito Mode

Each one of us uses WhatsApp and it is surely a great tool to communicate and share media with each other. It is possible to make groups and make video and audio calls with help f WhatsApp.

Super VPN: Free Proxy Tool for Everyone

We all have been stuck in a situation when some of the other website was blocked because of the firewall and it can be really stressing at times. This has led to the creation of a class

Application Review – Virtoo: Smartphone on PC or Laptop

There are many times when we wish for a feature which could enable us to use our smartphone on the laptop. The sole purpose of the same may be the increased accessibility and a fewer distraction. Moreover,

Application Review: Camera Role – Gallery

Most of us have thousands of photos on our phone and it can be a little difficult to manage all these photos without a proper gallery. Some of the phones like Apple have an advanced gallery which

Google Translate App Review

Imagine this for a moment – you are stuck in a foreign land and you need to reach a location. The busses, trams and local trains have the information in local language. You have no clue about