DaCall – Free Wi-Fi Calling App

VoIP calls are really convenient as they are made over the internet. They help you in saving a lot of money especially when you have to make an internet call. Such internet calling applications are getting really popular but there are places where some of the popular calling applications are banned. In such a case, there is a dire need of an alternate application. After a lot of searches, we came across an application called DaCall. The application offers free Wi-Fi Calling and it makes it really easy for you to call directly through the number. Below are the features of the app along with a short review.

Features of DaCall
Free Worldwide Calling – So this is the basic feature of the application and the application offers you free calling for over 200 countries. You can call a mobile number or any landline number with help of the application. It is not at all required for the second party to install the application on their device.
Works over the Internet – You can choose to use your mobile data or the Wi-Fi to make calls. This not only saves your data but it also helps you in making free calls. The app can switch between 4G/3G and data without any issues and the transition is very smooth.
HD Voice Support – The application supports high definition voice quality and the voice you hear is very clear. There is no lag in receiving and sending the voice signals which makes the communication even fun. This simply
Free Credits – The application offers you free credits for the small and easy task. Like watching a video can help you in gaining some credits that can be used to make a call. Inviting friends can also help you in getting credits. This way, you can get unlimited free credits for making international calls.

General Review

In terms of a general review, the application has not received many reviews until now. The average rating of the app is 4.5 stars with a total 370 reviews. This application has received several positive reviews. The developers are constantly acting on the feedback they receive about the application. In terms of the installation, the application has been installed by over 50,000 people and most of the people are happy with the app.

In terms of compatibility, the application can be installed on any phone or device that is running on Android 4.4 or any version of the Android Operating System above Android 4.4. Apart from this, there is no other compatibility issue with the application and you would not experience any lags while using the application.

Installation of the App

You can install the app from Google Play Store and you can then use the application free of cost. Some of the features are available for purchase but most of the features that you would need are available for free. The download link of the application is listed below and the link will redirect you to the Google Play Store Page of the application