Application Review: Camera Role – Gallery

Most of us have thousands of photos on our phone and it can be a little difficult to manage all these photos without a proper gallery. Some of the phones like Apple have an advanced gallery which creates multiple albums on basis of the artificial intelligence and they also categorize the pictures as per the people and face recognition technology. In this article, we have reviewed an application for Android and the name of the application is Camera Role – Gallery. Let us now look at the features of the application to understand the usability of the app.

Features of Camera Role – Gallery

• The application has quite a simple yet intuitive interface which would ensure that you get the desired speed and performance from the application. Which means that unlike your old gallery, this gallery would not hang and trouble you when you are showing the photos to your friends.
• Apple has been one of the leading phone company because of the animation and the interface that is enabled by the company in its operating system. This gallery will offer you a similar experience and you will fall in love with the inbuilt animations in the gallery.
• Most of the galleries would not let you edit the Exif Data but this gallery lets you alter the EXIF data of the photo as well. This feature is surely an add-on.
• As per the user experience, the application also creates many virtual albums on the phone and they are all joined to a central database which eliminates the need of moving or copying any data. In addition to the feature mentioned above, the application can also help you in creating a hidden folder where you can save the personal photos.
• The application also comes with a file explorer and you can check the photos saved on the SD Card and the Phone Memory separately. This also makes it quick to back up the photos on the phone memory to SD Card.

In terms of the public review, the application was launched recently so it has only been reviewed by about 250 people. Out of these 250 people, the application has received a 5-star rating from over 190 people and a 4-star rating from over 40 people. This makes an overall rating of the app to be 4.6 Star. In addition to this, the application has been installed by about 50 thousand to 1 Lakh users.
Talking about the compatibility, the application is compatible with the phone which is loaded with Android 4.4 and above. The memory utilization of the application is optimised in such a way that it doesn’t lag on the operating system. The application developers ensured that the application doesn’t cause the operating system to slow down either. A nice graphical user interface is an add-on for the application and hence you can install the application if you want to revamp your phone gallery for free. You will simply fall in love with the application. Here is the download link for the application.