Application Review – Virtoo: Smartphone on PC or Laptop

There are many times when we wish for a feature which could enable us to use our smartphone on the laptop. The sole purpose of the same may be the increased accessibility and a fewer distraction. Moreover, it makes it easy to manage one device then managing two other devices. Our wishes are now true because of an application launched by Screenovate Technologies Limited. The company launched an application by the name of Virtoo and to begin with, the basic feature of this application is enabling a virtual smartphone on a personal computer or a laptop. Since the application is in Beta version, our team used it for a long time to come up with this review.
Let us check out the feature list of the application to understand the functionality of the application in a better way.
Feature of Virtoo
• The application integrates the smartphone and the PC with a two-way communication which eventually helps you in enabling the full functionality of your smartphone on your laptop.
• The application also enables you to make the calls from your laptop. You may also use a headset to make these calls. With help of the application, it is also possible to record the calls and save the calls on the PC itself.
• Another amazing feature of the application is that the application enables you to communicate via SMS to someone and you can do all this with help of your PC only. You would not have to touch the phone once you integrate the phone via the application.
• Another amazing feature of the application is that you can access the contacts of your phone via this application. This feature turns out to be quite helpful if you have to check the emails of the person from the phone contact book. Now you can directly access the phone number and email via an application on the PC.
• Now the feature that we loved the most, it is the fact that we were able to use almost all the android applications that installed on our phone on our PC. This is surely an add-on and that adds to the accessibility and the usability of the application. We even tried playing games on our PC with help of this application and they all worked perfectly fine.
• Lastly, it should also be noted that the application sends the notifications of the phone directly to the laptop. The notifications can also be turned off if it is causing any sort of distraction to you.
So basically, the application forms an interface of the PC and the smartphone and the application enable you to use all the features of the phone on a laptop or a PC. The application displays the window in size of the smartphone so as to make it more graphically appealing.
Now if you are willing to use the application then you just have to install the PC side and the mobile side of the application and you will be able to connect the two by simply following the instruction. Here is the download link for the application.