Camera MX

mx camera

With the MAGIX MX Camera you can take pictures with effects, you will see in real time the applied filters. To begin, select the camera icon on the home screen. Then browse by filter options and choose the one that suits you. Then, just click.

If you prefer, you can still change the flash settings and enable or disable the camera flash. The MAGIX MX Camera also has a tool to manage your photos and albums online, which guarantees up to 500 MB of space for you to keep your photos in the cloud. To use the system, just fill in a simple registration and agree to the terms of use.

Above you gave a complete description about the MAGIX Camera MX and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The MAGIX Camera MX is an application that stands out for the variety of tools that brings, but not so much by the possibilities that he gives to the photographs. The biggest problem of the app is very little variety of filters that the application account.

This is compensated with the image storage system in the cloud. For being free, the available space is impressive enough. The file management system can also be an interesting alternative, but not enough to be the best tool of MAGIX Camera MX.

The look of the Camera is fairly modern MX MAGIX, being one of the things that draws the most attention in the app with these strengths, the MAGIX MX Camera becomes a good option for anyone who wants a free online storage system, but leaves something to be desired for those who want to create different images and creative.