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Google Translate App Review

Imagine this for a moment – you are stuck in a foreign land and you need to reach a location. The busses, trams and local trains have the information in local language. You have no clue about

Vault App – Hide Pictures & Videos, Cloud Backup

Smartphones are much more than a means of communication these days. They are devices where we keep our important photos and videos too. Although this offers a great level of convenience, it also comes with threat to

Wondershare Android Screen Recorder

If you don’t want to niggle down your head for the android games to be played on your Android device, it will be a great advancement if you can play the game with computer visualization and range


Have you ever seen or wondered how the tutorial videos regarding smartphones are been made. Almost of us might have often seen tutorials of mobile screen recordings in Facebook and YouTube or somewhere else. And definitely we

Modi keynote

Modi’s speech can be heard if 2000 rs note is scanned with mobile app. Banglore: the deactivation of old notes and launching of new 500 and 2000 notes have been caused for heavy dispute. By overcoming all