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Best Apps for Booking Flight

All of us love to travel and I am sure that most of the readers would have taken a flight to somewhere or the other. In addition to this, booking flight has been made really easy with

Tik Tok – Yet another amazing App from

You would have surely used and you would have also seen many amazing feeds on your social networking sites where people have posted their videos. Tik Tok is another popular app from and it is

Measure – No need Measuring Tapes

Google has always surprised the people with its state-of-the-art apps. The “Measure” app from the developed Google LLC is one such app. If you own a compatible Android device, then this app could mean a bye to

DaCall – Free Wi-Fi Calling App

VoIP calls are really convenient as they are made over the internet. They help you in saving a lot of money especially when you have to make an internet call. Such internet calling applications are getting really

Space Desk – Screen Extension and Screen Mirroring App for Android

We all use a laptop and a phone and there are many times when we feel that the space available to once on our screen is limited. In such a case the best option is to install