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How to Earn Money from the Internet?

Everyone loves to have a secondary source of income. For some people, it can be a rental income and for others, it can be a secondary work that they do to earn money. People are always finding

Tablet screen to appear on wall

The concept of a mobile phone with a home theatre is not a novel thing. Years ago, Samsung and Spice launched the Galaxy Beam and Popcorn Projector respectively, in the market. Most recently, a projector that offers

Indian company with the ‘KitKat’

The revolution that the mobile operating system Android has made in the mobile phone industry is not small. Samsung was able to beat Nokia and surge forward with the help of the Android. Since it is an

140 crore users for WhatsApp

The number of people who use the popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp has reached 140 crore per month. Out of this, 10 crore users joined during the last four months. WhatsApp was supposedly created with the aim

Micromax and MTS join hands

It is not a novel thing when mobile phone service providers and handset manufacturers associate together to launch a new model phone. Even BSNL follows this technique. However due to strict restrictions from the Telecom Regulatory Authority