Chroma Camera

Now have a convenient way to change the background of videos and photos. Stop spending times infront of editing applications for changing the background of photo or video. There would be enough applications dealing with photo and video editing, but it might be too difficult and might not be simple.

Therefore today I am representing you about a camera app, known as ‘Chroma Camera’

Inorder to change the background we need to choose it from Gallery or any other folders. It would work perfectly, if chosen plane blue or green colour. Pursuantly click on the gallery symbol on the upper left corner of the screen to select preferred background. And click on the eyedropper, then on the screen and hold the phone infront of the thing and touch the screen, pursuently you can see changing the background of photo or video you are been taking.

After getting the correct pause capture the image or start to record video. After completing you can save it by choosing preferred folder in your device.

In brief, this application lets you change the background of photos and videos within seconds. This app recognises all colours.

You can also adjust the resolution on clicking the three dots on the top right corner of the screen. In the option, you can also change the effect of the photo like portrait, portrait 270, Landscape, Landscape 180. And can change the camera to front and back and to on or off the flsh light.