Easy File Converter

Easy File Converter is an extremely useful tool and powerful to keep on Android: With it, you can convert almost any type of document to another extension.it works with compressed files, audio, video, images, text documents, ebooks, fonts, CAD drawings and vector, slide presentations and spreadsheets.

To use it, simply inform the category of conversion, choose a file from your mobile phone and indicate the output format (“Output Format”), as the original is automatically detected. After you click “Convert” and begin the process, you can open other apps and leave the Easy File Converter working in the background.

When the conversion is finished (which can take a long time for very large files), the Easy File Converter is opened again, showing a list of everything that has been converted by the program. This tool is free only for tests: only three conversions can be made before you must purchase the full app, which costs about 7 dollars.

Above you gave a full description of the Easy File Converter and its features, learn now what we think it

Easy File Converter is an application that fulfills the promise: that is able to convert almost any type of document without the need to pass the item to a computer to accomplish this task. This tool works with only one file at a time, however, and can only be used free of charge three times.

easy file converter

since the beginning, what more is evident is that the Easy File Converter is very complete. There are dozens of extensions that can be converted within their categories, or even transformed into a document completely different. For example, if you want to hide something on your device, you can turn a photo into a spreadsheet and make it impossible to open.

In addition, the Easy File Converter is very easy to use, which also has positive points in favor of the application. There are no secrets: simply choose the type of document, indicate the output format and press the button “Convert”! it also works in the background, then you do not need to leave the program open while the process is done.

What can discourage a bit is that the app Easy File Converter is a paid application – or nearly so. You can make just three conversions for free and they may not be very large files. Basically, if you really want to use this program, you need to buy the PRO version which costs almost 7 $.

For those who use enough, this issue should not be a big negative point, since the Easy File Converter well justified their price and offers something that few tools for Android feature. In other words: this app is limited in the trial version, but even so it is worth buying it.

It is necessary to emphasize, however, that the app Easy File Converter converts only one document at a time, not having a waiting list or transaction in lots. It would be interesting if an update of this tool would bring it, but it is a urgent change, especially within the context of use in Mobile, which usually involves a few files to be converted.