Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook has a tool that allows users to make live broadcasts (for streaming) to their friends and followers. Called Facebook Live, is very similar to the Periscope, which today belongs to Twitter. However, the user may not want to do the streaming of public form and share live video with friends only. Fortunately, it is possible to choose who has access to the live stream on the social network, creating a Facebook Live private. In this way we ensure that only persons authorised to watch. Now read at the step by step of this tip.

Facebook-Live-Streaming-1Step 1. Open the Facebook app on my phone or Windows 10 and go on your status update area. Some options will emerge. Tap “live video”.

Step 2. On the next screen, just below your name, you can view the privacy setting. That is, which users can watch their transmission. Touch down arrow, and on the next screen to choose “specific friends”, which is symbolized by a gear icon.

Step 3. Now just type the name of the friends you want to see the transmission and touch “Ok”, in the upper right corner.

Step 4. Finally, touch the button “live” to start your streaming.

Ready! You are live on Facebook Live and only available for friends or groups selected. The other contacts from your list will not receive a notification that you are doing a live stream

NB : You must installed Facebook Latest App for to do Live streaming