Best Apps for Booking Flight

All of us love to travel and I am sure that most of the readers would have taken a flight to somewhere or the other. In addition to this, booking flight has been made really easy with technology. Today, there are multiple third-party applications which can be used to book the flights and the best part is the deal that you get. Some of these apps can help you in planning your journey in a better way and in addition to this, the apps can also help you in getting a lot of discounts.
All apps serve the basic purpose of booking the tickets but the fact is that some apps are better than others. Well, at least in our opinion some apps are better than the others. If you are planning to book a flight to somewhere and if you would like to know which is the best app to book the flight then you are at the right place as we have listed the top 5 apps for booking flights. Let us have a look at these apps now.

Top 5 Apps for Booking Flights

Skyscanner – In our opinion, the best app is Skyscanner and there is a reason why we are saying so. The application offers you complete travel solution and it is quite a useful app in tracking the cheap flights. The application can also help you with last minute trips and it shows you the best deals. Another amazing part about the application is that it can show you alternative routes and alternative destinations which significantly reduces the price of the ticket.

Hopper – If you want a price forecast for the tickets and see when it is cheaper to travel then this app is surely for you. The app just needs your source and destination to find the price for all the dates. This is displayed in a very user-friendly manner with help of the colour codes and it is surely an advantage while booking the flight. In addition to this, you also get to notice if the price on selected dates will drop or if it will stay the same. You can set up alerts by setting up Watch the Trip feature.

Kiwi – Next on our list is Kiwi App and this app has a different kind of interface. The interface of the app has an interactive map which helps you by displaying the price of the flight to fly to different cities. The app combines the connecting flights for you and it reduces the price significantly for the tickets. This is one of the greatest advantages of the app as the work required to mix and match the combination reduces significantly.

Skiplagged – As per one of the source, this app exploits a loophole to find the cheapest fare by finding you a hidden city fare. Basically, the app will find you tickets for some destination beyond your destination but at a cheaper price. Yes, this is a loophole and you can also exploit the loophole to purchase the cheapest ticket possible.

Hipmunk – If you are looking for an app which is really easy to use then you can ditch the apps listed above and you can simply install Hipmunk for yourself. The application displays the data is the easiest possible manner and it also lets you track the flight. If you use the discover feature on the app then you will help you in finding the deals as per your vacation mood.

These apps are available on App Store as well as on Google Play Store and you can install them right away, register yourself and start using the app immediately to book tickets and travel to your dream destination.