Google Translate App Review

Imagine this for a moment – you are stuck in a foreign land and you need to reach a location. The busses, trams and local trains have the information in local language. You have no clue about the local language and it’s as good as mere symbols for you! What would you do in such a scenario? Feel dejected? Lost? Helpless? If I were you, I would take out my smartphone and quickly download the Google translate app to know what’s written so that I can commute better!
Google translate is an amazing app and it’s itself gives out what it can do for you. So, no rewards for guessing that the Google translate can help with translation. It can translate almost any language to the one that you can understand. So no matter where you go for a business strip or leisure, you will never be lost or kept guessing.
You will no more have to depend on others to translate things to you so that you can understand and respond. This also reduces your chances of being misled by others. You will be your own guide in a foreign land. You will be able to impress the locals by understanding what they are trying to say. You will also be able to read warnings, information, news, and so on.
All you need to do is download the Google translate in your smartphone and you are ready to go! You will never again have the language barrier come between you and someone you love.
Feature highlights:
• Tap to Translate: This is a quick and easy feature that allows you to copy text into the ap, and soon as you enter the text, the translation pops up.
• Instant translation using camera: If you can’t type the text, just take a picture of it using your mobile camera and the software will instantly translate the text in 30 languages.
• Camera Mode: If you want to have higher quality translations in over 35 languages, just take a picture of the text you wish to translate
• Handwriting: If you cannot type the text, use this feature to draw the letters just like they are and the app will translate it into 93 different languages
• Conversation Mode: This feature enables a two-way immediate speech translation in about 32 languages
• Offline use: Even when your smartphone or tablet is not connected to the Internet, you can still translate 52 languages
• Phrasebook: This is an amazing feature that allows you to star and save the translations for future reference in any about language of your choice.
To translate the text, Google Translate app may ask you for permission to access some features such as the microphone for speech translation services, camera for translation of text using picture, SMS for translation of text messages, external storage space for downloading offline data, accounts and credentials for syncing across various devices.
I hope this article gives you enough information about the Google Translate app. You can install it for free on your iPhone and Android device.