Inkwire Screen Share + Assist – TeamViewer of Android

All of us have used TeamViewer at some point in time and it is certainly a great tool. It can be of great help while offering support to someone on their laptop or PC but what do you do when you need support on your Android Device? Well, Inkwire Screen Sharing is the answer to it. This is an application designed for the Android Device and it can help you in sharing the screen and helping your friends or your parents with ease.
The application works like TeamViewer and it is also very easy to use. Let us now have a look at the features of this application so as to understand the ways it can help us in.
Features of Inkwire Screen Share +Assist
· As mentioned earlier, the main feature of the application is to help you in sharing the screen of Android Device with any other Android user.
· It is also possible to start a voice chat or a text chat with the user you are connected to. This makes it easier for you to provide support to the user.
· In addition to the features mentioned above, you can also get the control of their screen which enables you to resolve any issue quickly.
· The application can control any android device after approval and the application is totally secure as the application has been tested by the developers for all the security flaws.
· You can use this application to help your parents with technology or you can also use the application to help your friends in resolving the issue. The application will surely make you a star for them.
· The user interface of the application is really clean which makes it simple for you to use the application.

How does Inkwire Screen Share Works
· To begin with, the application needs to be installed on both the phones and once that is done, you can simply launch the application.
· After launching the application, you will see a button for share and a button for access. You can click the button as per the requirement and an access code will then be generated.
· Share the access code with your friend to gain the access or alternatively, you can send them a link to connect with.
· Once the code is entered, the screen sharing starts and you can end the screen sharing at your will.
In terms of general review, the application has an overall rating of 4.3 stars and the application has been reviewed by about 5 thousand users. The application has received over 3800 4 star and 5-star ratings. In addition to this, the application has been installed by 10 lakh to 50 lakh users and it only requires a phone running on Android 5.0 or above.
If you would also like to seek support or offer support on any of the Android device then you can also download this amazing application by simply clicking on the download link below.