Vault App – Hide Pictures & Videos, Cloud Backup

Smartphones are much more than a means of communication these days. They are devices where we keep our important photos and videos too. Although this offers a great level of convenience, it also comes with threat to security. What if the mobile phone is stolen or it loses all data? The photos and videos are also lost. Thankfully, you can now easily create a backup of your media files and hide them too using the Vault app.

Vault is a security app by NQ Mobile Inc and it is one of the best mobile apps that helps to protect and hide private photos and videos. More than millions of people across the world trust Vault to protect and create a backup of their videos and photos online. Other than that, they also offer a plethora of other amazing features such as the following:

Features offered by Vault app

It enables space encryption. You can access the mobile app using a personal digital password
The mobile app is highly protected and secure so that it cannot be accessed by others. It supports the functionality of support unlock using Touch ID.

The mobile app supports photos and videos import in bulk quantity with smart folder management to keep your smartphone organized.
After you have integrated the mobile app to your smartphones, the newly clicked photos and recorded videos will be encrypted almost instantly and saved in the cloud. It will not show up in your photo album anymore. So, this is an amazing feature that hides your media files from being easily visible on your mobile phone. Instead all the information is saved securely on the cloud.

The password that you have set up for the pictures and videos may be cancelled at any point of time and you can re-set the password too. The app also allows you to save your favorite pictures and videos from the Internet to the Vault app.

At the time when you face downwards on the mobile screen, the Vault app will automatically exit and a new app will be launched. You can send emails that are completely secure and encrypted. The messages that you receive from Facebook will also be encrypted rather safely.
You may set up a fake password for your Vault account to trick people who want to breach your privacy. This is a good way to keep your images and videos well protected.

Another amazing feature of this app is that of an intruder makes an attempt to steal your media files then the app will take a snap shot of his/ her face and keep it for record. This comes handy to find out who tried to break into your device. The apps get disguised in the form of a mobile camera and it takes the picture of whoever trying to access the interface without permission.
It also comes with a Private Cloud Space feature which ensures that the data on your smartphone will be backed up automatically to your personal Cloud Space.