If you don’t want to niggle down your head for the android games to be played on your Android device, it will be a great advancement if you can play the game with computer visualization and range of key controls that will surely offer great gaming experience. For all these features combine in the same bag all you need is Wondershare Android Screen Recorder, one of the great features of the phone involves is its compatibility with Windows 10. There is no partiality as free and big file games both can be played on your computer screen with the facility to transfer the data from the phone as backup file, the backup file helps you to step ahead in the game with help of backup file.

Wondershare Android Screen Recorder is available to buy with free and buy feature, the pro version with price tag offers more and better services with no limits. For more information about it, you can visit
Bigger Screen means bigger joy

As the screen of the Computer is bigger than Smartphone screens, the enjoyment involves in the game is higher filled with better view and picture clear resolution. Wondershare Android Screen Recorder boasts its advanced feature to showcase the HD screening of the game, the gaming experience doesn’t harm eyes as you do not need to focus on small coins and points in the way to collect. The bigger screen also helps the gamers to not tilt the screen for a better view and positioning for bigger area and maps.

Easy Controlling

Controlling the moves in Smartphone are easy as your touch in the game changes direction and move your character further, keeping the thing in mind, most of the games operate with the usage of arrow keys. Options to change the mode of control to mouse and keys are also applicable, the faster play and better moves in a different direction will surely help you to gain more coins. The strain on thumbs for all the moves is solved with Wondershare Android Screen Recorder.

Share your Skills with Capture Screen
Sometimes the master move or high score in the game we want to share and teach to other players how to pass the difficult stages. For such instances, the Android Screen Recorder helps you to record the classic gameplay, in the gameplay you can capture the screen at crucial points. The Android feature also allows you to share the secret moves that help you to win the game with ease, you can teach your friends and the game freaks over social media using this feature.
Save Data and Unstopped play

Let’s clear the doubt, you are playing the game and has reached the new height in the game, so moving to PC as new gaming option will clear all your previous data. Well, the game developer solves the problem as you can save data of the game on your PC and can later play the game at the same stage you were playing in Smartphone.