Malwarebytes: A complete Review

Most of us have some or the other toolbar installed on our computer which is totally unwanted. The problem with toolbars is that they compromise the security of our system and at the same time they slow our system by occupying space on RAM. It is hard to remove the toolbar one by one and there can be a lot of adware on the system as well. The only solution to remove them all at once was to reset the windows and that is what I planned to do because I was sick of toolbars and other junk on my system. But at the same time, I didn’t want to lose the data in my root directory so I thought of finding an alternate to my problem.
A quick google search revealed the name of this application called as Malwarebytes. The application turned out to be a blessing in my case as it removed all the toolbars and other adware in a single click. Here is how Malwarebytes proved to be a useful tool for me.
• The software takes hardly a minute to download and install on the system. Once the software is installed, the software launches itself and the dashboard is quite neat. The basic dashboard has only three buttons. One is to scan the system, the other is to clean the system and the third button is to display the log.
• On pressing the scan button, the application quickly scans the system for all the toolbars and malware that could hamper the speed of the system and at the same time, it also highlights the threats which could compromise the security of the system.
• As the scan completes, the software displays a very clean bifurcated list of the threats. The threats are bifurcated with categories like chrome, Mozilla, files, registry etc. I checked the files and toolbars which I wanted to delete and I pressed the clean button.
• As I pressed the clean button, the software simply removed all the malware in nick of time. It took less than a minute to free myself from annoying toolbars. The only problem is that I was working on a document and I didn’t save the document. The computer restarted itself without a warning and I lost some work so while you run it, ensure that all your work is saved. Once the system is restarted, the log file is also displayed in text format.
• The software is free to download and it doesn’t make the system unresponsive.
Can I install the software?
Yes, the software can easily be installed by any person. The size of the file is just 3.3 MB and it takes hardly 5 minutes to download and install the software.

The software can be installed even on the lowest configuration and the only requirement is that the operating system should be Windows XP or any operating system released after Windows XP.

The good thing is that my system is now free f adware and other irritating toolbars and all of a sudden I can feel that the speed of my computer has improved drastically.