May- photo fantasy editor

Everyone loves to look pretty. Who is there doesn’t cares on beauty. We all love to become handsome and beautiful, it’s just for self satisfaction and to attract others. That’s why people are ready to spend a lot of money and time for maintaining prettiness. No matter whether it’s men or women, everyone likes to have a pretty face.

Almost people, especially young ones prefers to take photos and selfies where ever they go. This is just because of their craving towards pretty. People would like to pause for photos in various ways, which symbolizes that, they are loving to look pretty so much. And also people would like to post their photos in social networks, from the best photos they had.

But, what if pimples and scares on the skin came as a miscreant. Some times it seems ugly face on an occasion of more pimples. may-photo-fantasy-editorWe would be very sad when we came to see such a photo of our own.

Those people need not be disappointed and worried. You also can post your pretty photos without any pimples and scares on the body. So, today I am here to introduce a variety photo editor know as ‘MAY PHOTO PHANTASY EDITOR’. This app let you to edit your photos with many effects.
Size of app : 8.3 MB
This app is an amazing photo editor app that adds colour to your priceless memories. It can create unique blending effects with your photos. This app uses double exposure filters to blend two photos into one great picture. Also this is a photo blender capable of producing painting like pics. Now let’s see how it works.

First of all download and Install the app. Open the app.

Now start editing either by taking a photo or by choosing a photo from gallery.
After choosing you can crop photo if you need. After that you can do the following with this app:

> Adjust saturation of the image.
> On or Off the light of the image.
> Adjust the intensity of the image.
> Change the effects of image. Some of the effects are:
* Festive sparkles
* Mini Fireworks
* Sparkle Rain
* Green Streaks
* Street Lights
* Glitter Boom
* Sparkly Goddess
* Joy Trail
* Glittery Night
* Red streak
And so on.

If you purchase premium version, you will be able to remove water marks, ads and early access to new filters