Modi keynote

Modi’s speech can be heard if 2000 rs note is scanned with mobile app.

Banglore: the deactivation of old notes and launching of new 500 and 2000 notes have been caused for heavy dispute. By overcoming all these, a new mobile app also launched which helps to hear the speech of Modi when the note is scanned with the app.

‘Modi keynote’ is the name of app. Application was uploaded on november 11 and 5426 people have been downloaded the app. While scanning the note we can hear the video of Modi’s speech against black money.

modikeynote After issuing this application many fictitious stories had also came. such as GPS antena and security threats on the note.

I strongly assert you that, the new note doesn’t consist of such features. Those are just fictitious and misunderstandings among people. And also with this app you can’t identity whether the not is real or fake.

This application is designed by Bara skull studio.


Please read the Developers Opinion from ” Google Play Description” given below

Just download the Modi Keynote Android application and scan the 500 or 2000 Rupees new notes to view Modi;s video on Black Money. Note: This app is just for fun only. Not intended to check whether fake or original note. We want to pass the message given by Modi to more people with help of new technology. I know the app is fake and this is also informed by the app maker. Why so much frustration. The app is intended for fun purpose only. Just download and enjoy. We already have so much frustration then why to increase it with small things which can easily be bypassed.