My Data Manager

Browse the web using your smartphone is very comfortable, though many people facing stress because of the excess of data used, generating a significant increase in phone bill. To work around this problem, there is the application My Data Manager Free.

With this free software, you can know the exact amount of data that was used in the mobile network, WiFi connections and when you used the internet in roaming. My Data Manager Free add a field in the top of the screen of Android, so you can quickly check how is the traffic of information networks.

Absolute control

When you open the full interface of My Data Manager Free, display details of all applications that used data. The program is divided in tabs on the traffic information of mobile networks and WiFi; that way, you have access to the totals and percentages of how much each program used.

To configure the program, you must press the button settings on your smartphone. A new window displays separate fields, allowing the modification of the options of each network. It is possible to establish the kind of plan, so you can limit the program to use the connection to the carrier only to certain amount of data.

In addition, there are settings to determine the day of collection of your invoice; that way, you have navigating peacefully without surprises next month. The My Data Manager Free alarms are useful to inform when you reach certain limits. Roaming options comes disabled by default, but you can activate them at any time.


While many programs use your data connection rampantly, the My Data Manager Free serves to combat the overuse of the internet. The program brings small ads at the bottom of the interface, which don’t bother and serve to maintain the free application.

The idea of putting an information field in the Android is valid, in that you don’t need to occupy their areas of work with icons, either navigate through the menu to find the application. Information about WiFi networks are useful, but are not essential, because rare are the occasions when you have a data limit with such connections.

The alarms and the possibility of limiting the mobile connection are precious resources, would make My Data Manager Free a great ally to avoid surprises on phone bill. Of course, you can also disable the connection in the settings of the Android, however, with the use of this app, you use the data packet without fear of being happy. Recommended for all who don’t want to pay a lot of money to use the internet on your smartphone.