Peel app Smart Remote

In a recent post published in official blog the taiwanese manufacturer recalls that, starting from April 30, Sense TV will be discontinued and replaced with Peel app Smart Remote. Owners of an HTC device with Sense 6 should have already received a specific warning about it.

Sense TV, as will be known to those who use the service, lets you find out about movies and TV shows, watch your favorite shows and receive reminders about programming, becoming, if necessary, replace the remote control with several taiwanese smartphone manufacturer equipped with IR sensor.

Will the app Smart Remote to perform similar tasks and Peel the change should not be perceived as something so “shocking” given that Sense TV is a revised version of the app to Peel Technologies. The only differences in features involve the absence of live updates on the outcomes of sporting events. Even the graphic layout will be very similar.

peel remoteOne of the innovations that have been placed on the new Galaxy S4 compared to the previous range Samsung smartphone is the infrared port and its application WatchOn can transform your smartphone into a truly universal remote control. In fact this feature has existed for a long time on Galaxy Tablet and the program is called Peel Smart Remote and, although less developed than that of S4, is still very practical and intuitive.

The app was updated just today offering some small innovations that you can read the change log below:

Fixed blank control pad issue. Please reset the app and set up again. The issue will go away now.
Fixed adding additional device errors in remote-only mode/other countries
Fixed customer service reporting bugs
Better JB device support