Wonder Share – RecoverIT (Free Data Recovery Software)

Do you end up deleting important files by mistake? Does that cost you a lot? Do you simply hate data recovery labs? Well, we found a solution to all your problems. We came across a software called RecoverIT and this software recovers the lost data from your laptop, PC, and even removable device. The software is easy to use and it makes it quick to recover the data. This means that you would not have to leave your disk with the labs for weeks in a hope to recover the data. Moreover, it is free to use. What else could we expect for?
Well, let us have look at the features of this software so as to understand it in a better way.

Types of Files – The software supports multiple types of files and you can recover almost every file you can think of. Here are more details about the same.

  • Documents – The application supports Word Files, PowerPoint Files, Excel Files, Various Adobe Formats, EBooks and even In Design Files if you need to recover the data.
  • Multimedia – You can also recover multimedia content with help of the application and this is not just restricted to audio or video files. You can also recover images. This works great even when your camera’s memory card goes corrupt.
  • Emails – This feature is really hard to find but the application can successfully retrieve the emails which were once stored on outlook. That is the best part of the RecoverIT
  • Other Supported formats – Apart from the formats listed above, the software also supports IP, RAR, and various other commonly used formats.

Recovery of files – You can recover the files if you have deleted them permanently or if you ended up formatting the disk. Apart from this, you can also recover the lost partition of the file and this is certainly one of the best features of the application.
System Crash and Virus Support – There are times when you may lose data because of a system crash or because of a virus attack on the disk. The software can recover your data in such problems as well. So, basically, you can’t lose your data if you have this application installed on your system.
Process Flow – Process flow of the application is also quite simple. You just need to select the disk or the folder where you deleted the data from. Once that is done, you just have to press the scan button, this will scan the files that you deleted and the ones which are recoverable. Lastly, you just need to click on the recover button and the data will be saved to the destination folder.
There are two versions of the application, one of them is the free version and the other one is paid version. You can use the free version if you have less than 100 MB of data to recover or else you can buy the paid version. The paid version offers a higher utility.
The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vistas and Windows XP. In addition to this, you can also download the version of this application on Mac and the compatible versions for Mac is OS X 10.8 to OS X 10.13.