Have you ever seen or wondered how the tutorial videos regarding smartphones are been made. Almost of us might have often seen tutorials of mobile screen recordings in Facebook and YouTube or somewhere else. And definitely we might have googled at least once for the enquiry of the application. The fact is there are plenty of applications regarding this. But it may not be in a convenient method to users for monitoring and screen recording.

Not only screen monitoring, we have plenty of other uses too. We can stream our smartphone to smartphone technician whom we trus on, for resolving the technical issues.
Therefore today I am here to introduce you about an appropriate application which contributes all these facilities for you. This application is compatible with mac, windows and android. Even though it focuses mac.

This application lets you to monitor your smartphone through computer and television. Now let’s take a look at its working procedures.

First of all download and Install the application both in smartphone and computer / television, with the software of appropriate operating system.
> Be ensure to connect smartphone and computer to the same wifi network. Now if you are an iphone user, open the notification bar and choose airplay and connet to the device. Now let’s see what are the features of this application.

This application is a wireless monitoring app, this allows you to monitor and stream your device at same time. And also you can give live streaming even in YouTube.

It also contains
– Device control
– Real Time monitoring
– Mirroring with Google cast
– Record your screens
– YouTube live streaming
– Media streaming to reflector
– Stream medias
– Security options
– Show and hide devices
– Change frames.

And so on… Now enjoy with live streaming and monitoring