Track View Convert your Mobile camera as a IP Camera ( CC TV )

trackviewIf you are a person who has family and spends all day away from home on account of his work, it’s likely you’ve been feeling apprehensive and suspicious with what happens at his residence. After all, you are far away, isn’t it?

So you can protect your home, babies, elderly people or just the goods from your Office, you can use the Video-Surveillance IP camera. This program is a sort of mobile version of the TrackView to PCs (click here to access it).

As well as the version made for computers, the goal of the Video Surveillance is to be a simple and efficient tool for you to protect what needs protecting. In this way, the program allows you to use the camera of your smartphone or tablet to film what is happening around the appliance.

The microphone can also be used to record conversations of any sort, and the GPS is able to show where the electronic device is. A curious feature is that you can also control the software that is installed on your computer, on a remote control type protection.

The opposite also happens communication, so that the app from your computer also interferes with the functioning of the one in your mobile device, something that is useful when you lose your tablet or smartphone

Above you gave a full description on the Video-Surveillance IP camera and its features, know now what we think of The first quality that can be noticed in TrackView is your proposal. After all, there is a relatively large amount of people with wealth or relatives unable to need surveillance. In this way, the software ends up being quite attractive for a lot of consumers right expressive.

The interface developed for the Windows of the program are simple, clear and with matching colors, forming a digital environment well harmonious. The information is divided efficiently, preventing you from getting lost among the commands that need to be taken — something important when you’re worried or stressed, for example.

On top of this, communication between mobile devices and computers, made possible by the application of Android, is something very useful and cool. In this way, the protection of the tool becomes more complete, comprehensive and dynamic. After all, your “eyes” can be in different locations with more ease.

It’s simple and it works

Already use deserves to be highlighted by without extremely simple. All you need to do is enter in the settings and activate the tools that you want to work or not. So, however much you’re not accustomed to security software, it will be possible to work with the TrackView.

Finally, the last quality identified is the fact that the program runs smoothly. You really can watch where your device is, eliminating headaches — feature that should be present in any tool, digital or not.

No, it’s not perfect.

Although it is a nice tool and it serves its purpose, the TrackView could be better, be more complete. That’s because a few relatively simple functions like shooting environment, recording of monitor images, among other alternatives that do not require a camera and microphone.

If the problem described above does not exist, the software would be even more useful and dynamic. However, if his suspicions fall on the TreckView can do, this feature can be your solution. Enjoy, if only to try out a new digital tool.