Unlock your Android through Gestures


The Gesture Lock Screen is an interesting application for those looking for a lock screen alternative to your Android device. With it, you can configure several different gestures to unlock the screen and even to open different applications automatically, all highly customizable and very intuitive. The gesture recognition configured is pretty quick, what prevents you from having to keep repeating several times to clear the screen, in addition to attend various types of effect to the screen locked, such as blur, sepia, inverted or pixelated, black and white.

The application allows setting the clock will be displayed in lockscreen, besides the possibility of the use of widgets, making it even more optimized for your usage profile. It is worth remembering, however, that the free version of the app has propaganda in time to enter in the settings, but nothing get in the way of normal use, because hardly you will need to configure it after the first time. The Gesture Lock Screen is compatible with Android from the 3.0 version, and can be found directly on Google Play Store