Video Collage

video collage

Video Collage is an application able to make collages with your videos. The program uses the same resource to a wide range of apps, but that usually only work with photographs.

Through Video Collage, you can turn each time impressive memories. Add your videos of various forms with different types of different structures that let your video presentations much more beautiful and interesting.

The program allows you to share your videos with several social networks, email services and other types of supported Android native application like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and much more. Choose from 45 adjustable layouts and transform your videos completely!

Above you gave a full description on the Video Collage and its functionalities, know now what we think of Video Collage is an application that aims to be the “app from collages of the videos”. It uses the same system of photo collages with different types of frames for you to choose and create compositions from them.

The idea seems to be very good, but the execution has questionable quality. Unfortunately, the result is not the one expected, since the videos are short, low-quality and completely distorted. Understand.

Great idea, bad execution
The big problem of making collages of videos is that they can’t be too heavy to be shared. If a video has several MB in size, imagine two, three, four together. So, Video Collage tips on the ground the quality of each video on the floor.

This, unfortunately, was the only solution to that videos could be shared through social networks and other applications. And that, unfortunately, seriously compromises the playback.

Meager results
The length of the videos also had to be severely shortened so that the result of the collages don’t turn into a video extremely heavy. That leaves the result with only three seconds long, a long way below expected. Could be at least 10.

Another major problem of the application is the distortion of images. In the collage of pictures, you can adjust each image so that it is well secured within the frame. But in the case of videos – at least this app – no how to change nothing, distorting the images completely.

Nothing helps
The program also has a lot of publicity all the time jumping in front of you, something that always irritates the users seriously affect application performance. The interface is simple and easy to be used, although not anything beautiful.

The program allows you to share your videos quickly via Facebook and all options-standards available on your Android, like Gmail, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger, among others.

Video Collage contains 45 models of frame, a large number of options so that you can make creative videos. But due to various problems presented, hardly you will want to use or if you want to try any of them.