Video Gallery Free – Thumbnail Generator for Videos

While browsing photos, it is really easy to find the right photo because of the thumbnails of the photos. This is not the case while we are finding the videos. It becomes really difficult to find the right video because of the absence of the thumbnail. This is going to change with Video Gallery Free as this application can help you in checking the content of the video even without opening it. So how does the application do it? Let us look at the list of features to understand the application and the functionality of the application.
Features of Video Gallery Free

• So basically, this application is a gallery which is just like any third party application but the gallery comes with many features. In terms of the User Interface and the Design, the application looks like the gallery on the Galaxy device.
• The application generated the animated GIF for the video and hence you can check the content of the video without opening the video. This can save you from embarrassment and in addition to this, the application can also save a lot of your time as you would not have to open each and every video to find the right one.
• It is also possible to snap the pictures from the video and these pictures are saved in your photo gallery.
• You can also share the videos with your friends directly with the application. These videos can be shared via email, WhatsApp and other modes of sharing. The same is applicable to the photos as well and the application allows you to share the photos along with the videos.
• The application also comes with a feature which enables you to sort the photos and videos with specific criteria. The criteria that you can apply to the gallery is name, length, location, size, and date.

Moving towards the review of the application, the application has an overall rating of 4 stars on the Google Play store. It has been reviewed by about 1150 users and the application has received about 850 4 star and 5-star reviews. In terms of the installations, the application has been installed by 1 lakh to 5 lakh users. In addition to this, it should be noted that the application is free to use and there are no paid features in the application.
Talking about the system requirement, the application requires a phone which has a dual-core processor and in addition to this, the phone should also have 1 GB of RAM. It is possible to install the application even without meeting the minimum system requirements but the application may crash if you run the application on a lower end processor. In terms of the operating system, the application requires Android 4.0 and above.
To download this Video Gallery of New Age, you can click on the link mentioned below and the link will then redirect you to the google play store page of the application.