xTrimo – A Revolutionary Tool for WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp introduces new features now and then and one of the newest feature introduced by WhatsApp was the capability to delete the message even after sending it. This feature certainly saves us from the embarrassment sometimes. There are many other features available on WhatsApp and one such revolutionary feature was the ability to set up a video or an image as a status. This is certainly a great feature and it is definably interesting to watch videos that others have uploaded.
There is one problem that you would have faced while trying out this feature and that is the fact that you would have been unable to upload long videos. Now, do you know how to resolve this problem? Well, the answer is xTrimo and this application basically compresses the video and it trims the video to only get the part which you love. Let us now look at the different features of this application to understand it better.

Features of xTrimo
• The basic feature of the application is that it can alter the full-length videos so as to give you the video of appropriate length which can be uploaded as the WhatsApp status.
• The tool also enables you to select the favorite part of the video and hence you can upload that specific part on WhatsApp.
• Using the application doesn’t alter the sound or the quality of the video which is certainly an add-on. Many other applications available are not able to achieve the target efficiently and hence you end up getting a distorted video but this is not the case with xTrimo.
• The application also has a feature to allow you to check out the videos uploaded by your friends and you can also download these videos on your phone.
• Once you have downloaded the videos shared by your friend, you can also go ahead and put it as your own status.
• The application also supports the memory card so you can save or fetch the video from your memory card.
In terms of general review, the application has received a rating of 4.5 star which is certainly a good rating on google play store. The application has received 85% reviews as 4-star reviews or 5-star reviews. Moving ahead, it should be noted that the application was recently made available and since then it has been installed by almost 10 thousand people. This is a huge number considering the fact that the application was just launched recently.
Talking about the system requirements, you can install the application on any phone that is running on Android 4.1 or above. In addition to this, the package size of the application is really small which would enable you to download and use the application with ease.
You can also install the application and enjoy uploading videos on your WhatsApp by simply clicking on the download link mentioned below. The link will redirect you to the google play store from where you can download the application.